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Visionworks™ Program 
Austin Cove Baptist College
Term 3 - 2023

Parent Permission

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I am pleased to inform you that your child (young person) has been selected to apply to participate in the Insain Visionworks™ program for 2023 at Austin Cove Baptist College, commencing Week 6 of Term 3.

The Insain Group Visionworks™ Program is designed to empower students to explore what they would like their future to look like, and to deliver on unpredictable and previously unattainable results.


Insain’s unique technology allows for pathways to be paved that were once not there. Focusing on Social, Emotional, Educational and Career Growth, the 5 session series is designed for each young person to apply this approach in their lives, delivering on some phenomenal results and support where they are at individually.


During the 2 hour weekly sessions, your young person will gain access to, and begin discovering:


  • Clarity around what they would like their future to look like

  • Barriers that limit their ability to reach their true potential

  • Opportunities and how to go about taking action

  • Specific language to declare their vision and how to have others take action

  • Tools to have their vision develop and continue, connecting with others who are allied and who provide beneficial support


To get started we will be running an interactive Introduction for a select group where they can find out more about what the program involves and ask as many questions as they like. Each student will be given the opportunity to apply to join the program starting the following week (week 7).

We ask the students to apply to allow them to choose their own participation and through this process we can understand more about how we can support each of them through the program.

Students who participate in the program will be attending at the school campus, the program running Monday mornings for the remainder of term. The students will be guided individually in the program, based on the areas they identify and apply the skills they discover with weekly actions. We may also offer to link your young person to a community member who can mentor them in their goals, we call this an ‘engagement’. If that is aligned for them and with an additional permission from the parent/guardian they may also have opportunities for further support from this person.


You may find asking your child about their experiences in the program helpful in understanding what we are asking students to do, and supporting your child during the program. As parents or guardians, you can encourage your young person to think about their future, though allowing them space in discovering it for themselves. Their vision of their future is ours too.


Should you be pleased for your young person to attend this program, please sign the consent form below and return it to the school office to start the process for your young person’s application and registration into the program before they attend the introduction scheduled for Week 6.

Feel free to contact Mr Bond,or myself if you would like further information or if you have any questions.

Yours truly,

Sain Dzemail

CEO Insain Pty Ltd 

Consent - click checkbox to agree

By completing this form you also give us permission to contact yourself regarding any matters relating to your child's participation in the Visionworks program.

Don't worry we promise we don't spam you or sell your details to anyone.

Thanks for completing the permission for your child to attend the Visionworks program. Please check your junk folder for confirmation of submission.- The Insain Team!

Parent Permission

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