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...To End Youth Suicide

Our Mission

Completed Cases

At insain, each individual case, workshop or training development is custom designed to make sure each person, parent or organisation receives what they need to reach their true potential.

We are not your typical youth agency

Anyone that partners, gets employed or volunteers with insain must be able to tick the three core elements of what young people look for in a


  1. Can you relate to and understand what is occurring in the lives of young people?

  2. Have you worked with young people, communicating that they're not the only ones?

  3. Are you a trusted professional in this field?

"Young people need to be heard in a way that has them feeling safe to share what's important to them"

Sain Dzemail, Founder

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Insain: Social Enterprise; ABN 607 403 314 | Level 3, 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000 ©insain | made with love
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