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Having cleared the barriers, experience shapes how to take the next steps. Maintaining the vision-focused approach, we look to what’s going to have our young people thrive and be empowered to take action themselves.

For many young people, this will be the point where the VisionWorker steps away from the relationship, having set the right foundations over their time together. The aim is that the Vision Supporters will be there in a networking/mentoring capacity, where they can be used as a resource for the young person to contact as and when needed. 

It can often take only one or two achievements to get the ball rolling. VisionWorkers look at the young person's strengths to build upon each achievement, no matter how small the achievement may seem.

Insain is committed to support young people for as long as they need us to, but the intention is to have the Vision Supporters, agencies and external inspirers to see the young person as someone who can create and fulfill their own vision in the future, and possibly provide ongoing support to the agencies who assisted them. 

Our young people learn to recognise their own potential and discovering what they can do now, creating better habits for a positive future. This involves transformative growth, building a new mindset of self-belief and believing in a bright, obtainable future - the one we have In-Visioned for ourselves. 

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